Raegan's Hope, Inc. was created and founded, in 2010 by Mr. and Mrs. Rodrick L. Riddick. Mr. Riddick, is a native Virginian, who was raised to be a hard worker with exemplary work ethic. He has a natural aptitude for business, and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 17 years. His wife, Dawn Shropshire Riddick, a native of North Carolina, was taught to seize every opportunity. She also believes in setting high standards and accepting failure as no option. She is a veteran teacher with over 20 years of experience. They have one child, Raegan Riddick. She was their inspiration and purpose for spearheading this Corporation. Growing up she was a vivacious and intelligent child. Who; like most of today's youth, needed a lot of guidance and motivation.

Their vision is to generate superior community involvement through chartable endeavors and provide opportunities for self-improvement awareness. They are looking for others who have their passion to jump on board and help! They are working out of Chesapeake and the surrounding cities seeking interested youth and adults who desire to platform their talents or willing to receive personal enhancement and become a more aware civilized citizen who will be willing to give back to their community