Dear Friends, Corporate Sponsors, Vendors, Performers, Entertainers,

Raegan’s Hope, Inc, a non profit, is having an event COMING SOON! This event is an “Anti-Bully Fest.” We want the community to participate, and we are calling for vendors, volunteers, performers, church groups, youth groups, open mic performers, step groups, magicians, speakers, etc., to come out and display their talents and their wares. We need vendors to come and display your services and products. We need people to come and tell their stories about being bullied.

We, Raegan’s Hope, understand that being bullied is not only being done in schools and on playgrounds but in sports, on jobs, to the handicap, and to the mentally challenged. So, contact us to get on board via website, Facebook, or call 757-409-2343 or email


Thanks again,




Raegan’s Hope, Inc